Labor Secretary Tom Perez: Fix the Middle-Skill Economy

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Full video from The National Journal available at: of Labor Thomas Perez describes the missing "middle-skill economy" and how to get jobs for imm...

Feds fine man $525 for an $.89 soda

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Inequality is a hot-button issue right now. This story exemplifies the inequality in our justice system and how our law metes out punishment. The rich get off, and the poor get screwed. Case in point: Christopher Lew...

‘Feed the troops, motherf*****!’ Angry locals ‘bomb’ RT report at Slavyansk barricade attack scene

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Slavyansk locals, enraged by the Ukrainian army's raid on a self-defence checkpoint, 'bomb' RT's Graham Phillips report to accuse the special ops troops of stealing food and call on acting-Ukrainian president to "fee...

Palestine Unity? Israeli peace accord on hold as Hamas and Fatah join forces

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Palestine could soon be united, as Israeli peace accord comes to a halt. Deadly rival fractions -- Fatah and Hamas have signed a deal that calls for a unified government within weeks. This comes after a violent spilt...

Footage: APCs, military helicopters on route to Slavyansk

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Fighting has erupted just outside Slavyansk, a town in east Ukraine where population voiced their protest against Kiev authorities - READ MORE RT's RUPTLY video agency, NO RE-UPLOAD, ...

Video: Ukrainian troops APCs, choppers amid burning checkpoint in Slavyansk

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NOTE: Video partly mutedFighting erupted again just outside Slavyansk, eastern Ukraine. Kiev restarted anti-terrorism operation leaving a checkpoint in ruin. Ukrainian troops take photos alongside APCs as Choppers fl...

Video: US troops put troops on Polish ground as Ukraine crisis spirals

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A contingent of US Army paratroopers from the 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat team landed at Swidwin airport in northwestern Poland on Wednesday as part of Washington's initiative to deploy troops in four countries in ...

VIDEO: Slavyansk checkpoint attack aftermath, Kiev forces leaving scene

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Fighting has erupted just outside Slavyansk, a town in east Ukraine where population voiced their protest against Kiev authorities - READ MORE LIVE to RT! http:...

Ukraine army tanks, APCs deployed in #Slavyansk as Kiev ‘anti-terror op’ underway

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Fighting has erupted just outside Slavyansk, a town in east Ukraine where population voiced their protest against Kiev authorities. Ukrainian troops on tanks and armored vehicles are trying to break into the town. RE...

Rights groups accuse Bahrain of promoting sectarianism

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Bahrain's main opposition and two rights groups accuse the Manama regime of promoting sectarian tensions. They say the country's Shia Muslims are repeatedly targeted for their religious beliefs.Al-Wefaq and Bahrain's...

Endangered mammal seen in Vietnam for 1st time in 15 yrs

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One of the rarest and most threatened mammals on earth has been caught on camera in Vietnam for the first time in 15 years, renewing hope for the recovery of the endangered species.

Why Libya Shut Down ‘Sex-Positive’ URL Shortener

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Full video from the Long Now Foundation available at: columnist Violet Blue and poet John Perry Barlow weigh the political ramific...

Warby Parker: Why Glasses Cost More Than iPhones

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David Gilboa explains how the idea for Warby Parker came from losing his glasses in business school and finding out it would cost $700 to replace them.Full video available for free at:

Plan B may not be effective for the average American woman

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A woman's weight has a clear impact on how well the European version of Plan B emergency contraception works to prevent pregnancy, according to research by French manufacturer HRA Pharma. The research shows that Norl...

Thousands celebrate Kim Jong-un’s re-election as N. Korea defense chair

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Tens of thousands of Pyongyang citizens gathered in central Kim Il-sung Square on Thursday, in a show of support for Kim Jong-un's re-election as first chairman of the powerful National Defense Commission. Supreme le...

Germany prosperity depends on rest of Europe: Ian Williams

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Europe plunged into financial crisis in early 2008 and most European governments have taken tough austerity measures to contain their debt crises. The approximately 5,000 demonstrators belonging to the Blockupy movem...

Putin: Pastries on Maidan not enough to save Ukraine’s economy

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Europe should switch from promises to real action to help Ukraine out of the economic chaos, says Russia's President Putin. He also said it was "strange" to learn of the US reaction on a Russian letter to the leaders...

Dr. Gabor Maté at Occupy Wall Street Details Link Between Financial Crisis & Mental Illness

255 Views0 Comments - On a trip from Vancouver, Dr. Gabor Maté stopped by Occupy Wall Street on Monday and talked to Democracy Now! Host Amy Goodman. He observed: "50 percent of American adults have a chronic medica...

Luxurious Sanctions: NYC real estate takes hit from West-Russia scuffle

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While diplomats seek a way out of the crisis in Ukraine, Washington's talk of more sanctions against Russia is becoming more aggressive. But with America's debt ceiling rising ever higher some doubt it can afford any...

Will We EVER Close Gitmo?

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"Amid a protracted and widespread hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay, President Obama on Tuesday vowed to revisit the idea of closing the detention camp, though he conceded that "ultimately we're also gonna need some he...

Report: Blasts rock Egyptian capital city of Cairo

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Several explosions have rocked the Egyptian capital city of Cairo.The first and the largest of the blasts was a car bombing detonated outside the Cairo Police Headquarters leaving 4 dead and causing large damage to t...

Miraculous rescue video: Man survives 60 hrs underwater in sunken boat

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Video Courtesy: DCN DiversDramatic footage emerged on Tuesday showing the rescue of a ship's cook Harrison Okene, who survived for almost three days trapped in an air bubble in his sunken ship. The Nigerian reportedl...

The international Quds day 2012

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In 1979, Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, designated the last Friday of the lunar month of Ramadan as the International al-Quds Day, during which Muslims across the world hold rallies to show ...

Gay No Go: Kansas approves bill discriminating against same-sex couples

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A decision by the Kansas House of Representatives to pass a bill which would have allowed the legal discrimination of gay couples was met with outrage across the U.S. A somewhat embarrassed state Senate now plans to ...

‘West must keep dirty fingers off Syria’

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In Syria, the first anniversary of widespread protests and unrest against the Assad regime is being marked with more demonstrations across the country. We discuss the latest developments with political analyst Christ...

Fostering abuse? (ft. Harvard professor, adoption advocate Dr Elizabeth Bartholet)

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Few have been mistreated by life more than children in need of adoption. But following a string of recent deaths and abuse cases, many countries have moved to restrict or ban the adoption of children into the US. Is ...

Turkey cuts ties with France over Armenian genocide denial law

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Turkey is recalling its ambassador from France in response to the decision of lawmakers in Paris to pass a bill that outlaws genocide denial, including the mass killing of Armenians, by Ottoman Turks in 1915. If appr...

Smita Narula on Report: Every 30 Minutes: Farmer Suicides, Human Rights & Agrarian Crisis in India

37 Views1 Comments - Democracy Now! speaks with Smita Narula, the co-author of the new report, "Every Thirty Minutes: Farmer Suicides, Human Rights and the Agrarian Crisis in India." A quarter of a million Indian farme...

Muslims responsible for ‘failed’ multiculturalism & integration?-Islam & Life-04-28-2011-(Part2)

36 Views1 Comments This edition of Press TV's Islam and Life takes a look at the accusations tacitly leveled against the Muslim community in the West that multiculturalism is failing. The Western governments are seeking...

Obama ‘hopeful’ about deficit reduction

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The president takes his message of deficit reduction and fiscal responsibility to a town hall meeting in Reno, Nevada.

Police brutality in Arizona

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A police officer fiercely pushing a teenager who poses no threat to him. The cop runs up and violently slams a girl to the ground in Phoenix, Arizona. According to British the Daily Mail the video shows Officer Patri...

Apples of Iran-Iran-08-14-2011

39 Views1 Comments Gisoo Misha Ahmadi Press TV's Correspondent reports on varieties of delicious Iranian apples from the city of Damavand.

The Resident: News beaten to a bloody pulp

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While a deluge of actual, real events takes place that affect millions of people's lives, CNN and MSNBC are duking it out over what really matters to them: ratings. Both outlets issued press releases that mirrored ea...

‘Cypherpunks’: Assange book backs privacy protection, power of transparency

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Top whistleblower Julian Assange has released a new book on the fight against Internet surveillance and governments taking control of the web - READ MORE WATCH the UNCUT Julian Assange Show with Cypherpunks...

Big Picture Rumble – How does everyone prefer their pot? Brownie? Hookah?

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Marc Harrold, Libertarian Commentator / Attorney / Author-"Observations of White 'Acid Test' for the First Amendment" & Horace Cooper, Conservative commentator/Attorney & National Center for Public...

US and Europe impose sanctions against Ukraine

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The United States, European Union and NATO are criticizing the Ukrainian government for its role in the increasing bloodshed in Kiev. EU leaders have agreed to impose sanctions on the country, joining the US in threa...

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